Wednesday, April 08, 2009


朋友 by 周華建
作詞:劉思銘 作曲:劉志宏 編曲:洪敬堯
這些年 一個人 風也過 雨也走
有過淚 有過錯 還記得堅持什麼

真愛過 才會懂 會寂寞 會回首
終有夢 終有你 在心中

朋友 一生一起走 那些日子 不再有
一句話 一輩子 一生情 一杯酒

朋友 不曾孤單過 一聲朋友 你會懂
還有傷 還有痛 還要走 還有我

The last part of 終極三國 is damn cool lah . The guys wanted a battle but because of the girl playing a melody then started singing this song (朋友) 's first part ... and the guys started to join in at the chorus part . i think is pretty cool lah ! Make me wanna laugh . XD it's like seeing warriors singing this song . But also , suddenly all become so shuai ! Awwww~

Anyhow , this song is really meaningful though typical . (:

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