Monday, April 06, 2009

Bento & Zoo ! :D

School is starting soon . Tomorrow i have choose GEMs (General Elective Modules) and will probably be pretty sian . Cause i dont have my GEMs buddy - Wenjing - with me ! ): And i have to take a business module ! Whenever i hear BUSINESS , i'll go orz for sure ! i seriously feel business is boring , maybe is just me ? Anyhow , i dont want take GEMs alone but seems that i have to since almost all have taken Business already . ):

School again with the same old crappy lessons . Assignments and FYP make it infinite worse like hell ! i dont like school ! i'm already feel like escaping . Everything is so dead . There's no one in class i can rely on . ):

Oh well , on a happier note , tomorrow night gonna be spent at Chris' house doing BENTO !!! ♥ And on Tuesday , aiifairies will be on the move to ZOOOOOOOO !!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO ~ Super sexcited ! This is our first time having such outing ! :D Gonna have fun like toddler-catching-chicks before back to school ! :D


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