Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sleepover, Bento & Zoo

On Monday before i went to meet the girls , i registered my GEMs for this coming semester and i managed to get in Online Entrepreneurship . Anyhow , i noticed the slots are taken up sloooooow or probably not many taking Business this time . ):

At about 4plus , IMM with Peng and Chris . We ate our Lunch+Dinner and wanted to visit Daiso to get stuffs for our Bento . But to our surprise , Daiso is CLOSED ! Daiso is having Dinner and Dance ! @.@ So we ended up going Liang Court to get our food and suffs , and that is also when Hua joined us .

That night , we headed off to Chris house for a sleepover ! Hmm , seems to be quite sometime since we last sleptover at Chris house .

Peng lost her shades , so she wanted to try out Chris . i joined in and started camwhore with her shades . Hehehehehs .

Wanted to watch a movie but we couldn't decide which to watch .

And we ended up with Jurassic Park but after a while we gave up watching . Too much of other temptations . Like sleeping for hua , and the rest of us in Chris room chatting from Facebook to Makeups .

And i dont know why we went to the Kitchen again . But it was then i craving for food ! i ate the last packet of 麻油 Maggie Mee .

Peng joined in . She ate the Korean Maggie Mee .

When we went back to room again , i was pretty tired and laid down closing my eyes . Chris and Peng kept making noises . But i still managed to sleep awhile but at around 7.30am (?) that started calling me and Hua up with many many different funny noises or with their laughters .

I finally woke up and started doing our Bento ! Hua still on the bed sleeping like a <(-(oo)-)> ! And from here onwards there will be about 45 photos ! :D

♥~ "Decorations" for our Bento

♥~ Kawaii ne ?

♥~ This is call H-E-A-L-T-H-Y !

♥~ Treeeeees

♥~ i'm thinking of going to buy 1 packet for myself too ! XD

And after working hard to do the Sanrio heads and decorating with other food as decorations , i'm proudly to present my ♥ FIRST BENTO :

♥~ Not bad right ?

♥~ i think the bear is cute ! ♥

♥~ Say hello to Mr Octoppy !


♥~ Alright , packed and ready to bring to Zoo !
& is also a budget Beto Box ! LOL ~

Chris' Mum was nice to drive us over to Zoo . And we saved all kinds of trouble getting there . Thanks Aunty ! :D

And so , time for zoo !
(Photos time!)

♥~ i love and miss my FIRST Bento !
Now tempted to do more ! :D

♥~ Oh , and did i mention only Chris and I doing/eating Bento ?

♥~ Hua and Peng having their Economy Nasi Lemak .

♥~ While eating , there was a group of K1s running about .
Super cute lah ! All so small size ~ :D

♥~ Aiyo , PLH ~~~

♥~ Walaos the steps damn steep lah !
And worse of all , i'm afraid of heights !

♥~ Inside the heart-shaped is a MONKEY .

♥~ Chris sacrificed herself for this photo ! Awwww ♥

♥~ Chris say Orang Utan is my future children ! = . =
Cause Orang Utan ! But next time my surname will be same as my husband lei ~

♥~ OMG , what if it shitted ?!

No need to write on worksheets !!! OMG !!!

♥~ Feed the goats ! And we spent SGD$8 on it !
$2 per container of food ~

♥~ i blocked the Lion ! "Sorry Lion !"

After hours of walking , we finally saw the place where we started !
WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO ! No more mosquito bites !

♥~ Yummylicious Ice-cream ! :D

♥~ And and and , we paid ZERO cents for the entrance !
All thanks to this card & Chris' Dad ! :D

Bus-ed to Choa Chu Kang , MRT-ed to Woodlands and then Taxi-ed to Chris' house . It was then i started to get a bad flu ! Chris too ! ):

Bathed and dinner at Chris' before home sweet home ! :D

P/S: Finally completed this post ! (sweat)
P/P/S: I miss my cute bento ! XD

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