Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thunderstorm strikes

i'm in a bad mood . Pretty bad like a thunderstorm . i can just break down any moment . i just hate FYP ! It sucks ! Grouping sucks ! Nothing's going right , not the way i expected . Probably it's time for me to be independence and be decisive . And learn the biggest lesson of my life !

As much as i want to be open-minded about things , i still feel so sucks ! Seriously , i never feel so sucks before . i think i'm getting emo , back to my emo life . Everything's black and white . Color lost . Aww , boo ! Just hopefully the whole FYP can be well done . Obviously , i'll need help ! It's just a big headache to think it's actually for FYP as i'm not that great compared to many . i just hope something just works out great ! And also to show people that I CAN DO IT !

Freak ! Now the 3 letters "F-Y-P" just pissed me off whenever i hear it . )':

P/S: Now i'm totally no mood for anything .
P/P/S: Seriously , i'm lost about my future . i still cannot figure out what i actually want after i graduate . Everything is just words of speech rather than what i really decided to aim for .

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