Friday, February 13, 2009

Just another day , cause it's not a holiday

Happy Valentine's Day !
Well , time to get emo for the Singles ! Let's go ! XD

Things are getting better which i'm glad it is . However , there are still more things to be completed . And it will be more complex and heavy workload as it goes , but mainly Brain storming for a start ! i guess this will fill up my two months holiday wisely .

Not forgetting Digital Matte Painting assignment which is due next Thursday - do something like the last 3D assignment (DOUBLE WORK!) . Maya & Maya again ! (Faint) But good thing is , this is our last year 2 assignment !!!! :D

Later Valentine's day gonna spend with AiiFairies at Ryan's house ! And have fun ! :D Wheeee ~ Finally i can enjoy myself after all the stress i have though i still have Matte Painting left . (:

Hopefully everyone have fun too !
Even Singles can enjoy with good friends/buddies/sisters/brothers - 友達の愛 ~

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