Monday, February 16, 2009

一開始就是個錯誤 完全沒結果就結束了

i guess today isnt a good day for BBT fans .

Firstly , the result for 3軍 is out ! It's everywhere in the 2nd batch's section inside WOO . Even Andy哥 commented ! i think the purpose of having 2nd batch is useless , seriously useless . Not only TV rating drop badly , none of the DDs got in 3軍 ! So who actually got chosen ?

虎牙 & 阿杰 . Both initially are not part of the 2nd batch . 虎牙 started all the way back , ages ago , in the first batch . He joined in after the second audition which was in 2007 ! 阿杰 didnt start as a DD . He participated in 哪里吳打抗 and because of that he was picked to get into MFBBT .

You see my point ?

i also dont see the reason of having a 甄選會 earlier . It's totally pointless ! And the few pathetic ones only get to record for like 2 months ? i think from the start everything is already very wrong , should have just continue the first batch and make it last . Now , create more disappointment towards DD who really work hard to reach their dreams .

For just few months of having the 2nd batch , they have come to the end and graduate (shit) . Everything is no purpose . So many of them , what can they do after this ? But i must admit this few months is a good learning experience for all . Just hope they can continue persuing their dreams and never give up .

Now the upcoming few series of MFBBT is meaningless . It's no more the same after knowing EVERYTHING . Like showing the DD trying to get into 3軍 when we already know the freaking result . And the damn graduation day ... Actually even before , 阿Man and 小樂 already left for their own reasons . If 小樂 stays on , probably he could have the chance . But the overall result still zzz .

Okay , then secondly , 威廉's dad passed away - feeling sad for 威廉 . 威廉 is also mentally strong . Really touching after reading Andy哥 and 威廉's MSN conversation that was posted on WOO (it is also pasted in 威廉區) . Now , only wish that 威廉 can be back to his normal self and continue working hard .

i'm now looking forward to what Andy哥 gonna do after the last episode of MFBBT II . Hopefully not another crappy idea . 我在期待中 ...

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