Thursday, February 05, 2009

Orz , i still got Law module next sem !

Been busy with from assignments to test . And it has not ended ... but almost ! After that will be my holy-days !

Media Law & Policy test was yesterday . Last minute revision as usual . Everyone had to dig out some do-assignment-time just for this test . And it sucks ! Actually it's not that bad if i had remembered my notes . Familiar yet unable to fully answer the questions is really ... ARGH ~! You know what i mean . Worse of all , time given isn't enough compare to all the previous papers i have taken earlier . i didn't have any spare time to slowly do my thinking and recalling . And i didn't really complete few questions as i just listed whatever i remember . Luckily i did that or else i won't be able to answer till the very last question .

Anyhow , i'll NEVER be a lawyer !

i didnt really sleep these few days . Hopefully i can have a good bedtime soon ! :D

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