Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random shopping

Well , yesterday i went shopping around from Plaza Singapura to Far East Plaza looking out for random things and plainly anything that catch my attention . Anyhow , i still bought a new shades and high-knees socks . And i'm aiming for a pair of shoes at PS but still haven decided to get it or not .

♥* Nice ? (Peng said looks mature! @.@)

And and and , i'm going to do online shopping ! :D
( OhShark! Sexy Diamond is tempting! )

♥* My new lovely hair holder ! Cute right ?! XD

P/S: i also feel like trying false eyelashes ~~ HEHEHEHEHS .


On the way to , in the MRT , i noticed a typical secondary school student carrying a bulky bag pack walking in the train at a station . She just took few steps and stopped walking - means she wanna stand at that position . But is like what the hell ?! Both her sides there's people standing too (at the side near the poles) which means when she stood there SHE TOTALLY BLOCKED THE WALKWAY ! Not that she has no space to move forward then, actually there's damn lots of space in front of her . Worse of all , she was the first to enter the train , and so she blocked passengers behind her causing them trying to squeeze through ! @.@

Hasn't she heard enough of the MRT recorded message that has been repeating again and again ? Or school doesnt teach English ?


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