Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not in the mood

OhFreakingHellDamnAss ! Just weeks before my year 2 life comes to an end , i received a letter from school . And i thought is those bo liao letter/message like before . Totally shocked me when i saw the words in bold :

Walaos ! i attended lessons lo ! Just that i'm late late late ~~ PeanutButterCheese&Chocolate lah !!! i think the two lecturers just leave it that i'm ABSENT ! DamnHell ! Though i know i'm at fault for being late for like 30minutes plus , but still ... Argh !!! (Actually late for 15mins means absent , but from what i see my school's lecturers are lenient ...)

It's really suay to receive for KennyOng's lesson when he's always heck care about the attendance . He can even mark student(s) who is already in class wayyyyy before he enters the class : LATE ! Damn lah , i think next time i should make stupid crappy noises to show my presence ! Anyhow , i'm left with about 4 weeks of school !

Alright , no more late for lessons from now onwards ! (OhFine , i'm just left with no other choices !)

- - - - - - - - - - -

Chinese New Year is in a week time . Damn assignments are filling up my time ! Hopefully i can find some time to go shopping before the eve comes . ):

Before i end ,

OhMyLollipop ! i WANT to get this ! :D ↴↴

Nice ??? XD

P/S► OHMYLOLLIPOP! Did i hear wrongly or what ?! My bro's ringtone is 棒棒堂&黑Girl's 苦茶 ~ O.O

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