Friday, January 16, 2009

Is there anywhere i can watch ?

It's yesterday !!! OhMyLollipop ! The long ago "Don't forget the lyrics" special episode that we went for recording was telecasted YESTERDAY ! i didnt dare to watch , so i didnt go and notice the time all these .

Peng said i looked blurr . i think more of tired after sitting there for hours and have to be high which i didnt really . Waaa ~ Paiseh sia ! @.@ Maybe i shall search if there's anywhere i can watch and start laughing at myself . Hahahahas !

And i was damn sleepy yesterday - Super dead . i actually slept through Banya's lesson after only a short mini part of the lesson . So i missed alot of the lesson !!! ): Kellyn also said my eyebags got worst ! (Cries) Panda during CNY ~

Another week of school gonna be gone soon ! Not much time left for my assignments plus Chinese New Year is after next year . This mean few days will be gone ! Ahhh ~

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