Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Looks hurt but is not

Last Friday's lesson was cool . Lecturer taught us makeup . And not those type of girls' beauty makeup that will normally come in mind when makeup is mentioned . This time the makeup is about injuries - makeup for injuries ! Cool right ? HOHOHOHO . But every little material cost alot .

And dont think this is sickening !

Layer of dough-like-thingy as extra skin .

Foundation with different color tones .

Only scrapping with a tool is allowed , after that the tool used have to be cleaned with tissue/cloth in order to reuse it .

Apply ~

"Cut" a line as the injury cut .

Apply red around the cut .

Then i forgot what color . Blue ? Purple ? Or both ?

And now end up with blue black feel around the cut .

Apply darkest tone brown at the edge of the cut too to outstand the cut further .

Last but not least is the "blood" .

Final result ★

Another injury → Bruise (Blue black)

Layer of skin tear off → use a type of glue (forgot the name)

Add a bit of "blood" .

Final result ★

Jia Ren went to play with the materials and ended with this . Looks like burn marks .

For non-injury type of makeup ↴

鬍渣 ~ (i forgot what's the english word)
Use tapping with a special sponge to create the effects .

Final result ★

Lecturer also mentioned about doing blister . Very easy as there is a liquid specially for it but expensive . Anyhow , just need to squeeze out the liquid onto skin and let it dry . Outer layer will be harden and the inner will be watery just like blister ! And it will stay on like this throughout the whole filming .

Interesting right ?
Lesson then was really eyes-opening . But the materials are really expensive to owe them .

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