Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Rewind back to 2008

i think i'm crazy yesterday , after my Production test . Actually wanted to get a simple and normal plaster from Guardian for my blister , but when i saw this particular plaster specially for blisters at heels , i dont know why i just went to buy it without looking at the damn price . During payment , i also didnt feel queer or anything ! And after that took me sometime to realise that the plasters are freaking expensive - $11.30(?) ! i must have been ouching for heaven and hell dying for an anglic plaster . Orz ! And so i wasted my money on a stupid thing - somemore 1 box only has 5 plaster ! Waaaa ~ ):

And Production test was kinda like last year's STSB test (or is it the year before?) - there's questions i dont know how to do . Similarly , tested on a movie ! That time was dont know what movie and i didnt even watch (or even if i did watch before , then surely i have forgotten everything about that movie) . This time was on "Run Lola Run" . Damn ! Watched but too sian for me to rewatch and notice details about the movie . Ahhhh ! And so ... i dont know the boyfriend's name , i dont know what they wore , i dont know what was their makeup ... Freak ~~

♥ { Peng's 18th Birthday } 〓 27/12/2008

Aii Faeries met her out the day before her actual birthday and ton till the next day - which is her birthday .

♥-- We forced her to wear her pair of green frame sunnies . But actually is nothing lah . Dont know why she thinks is wierd wearing it . Maybe cause is in a wierd color green ?

Then we asked her to tell random passerby "Happy Boxing Day" and "Today is my birthday" - something like that lah . XD

♥-- Peng peeped ! (Actually we told her to do so . XD)

♥-- Tissue paper want a not ?

While trying to kill time as we watching 12.30am "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" and waiting for Min , we walked to Far East Plaza and slacked but then almost all shops are closed . Noticed an ice shop is still opened , so we went to eat ice . Nice leh ! :D

♥-- Otakus ! [ 噢達酷 ]

♥-- Aii Faeries Night

♥-- Time strikes 12am and HAPPY BIRTHDAY PENG ! :D
We were at Cineleisure then . Movie after that .

♥-- Double Chocolate Brownies ! Cool ?!

After movie we went MAC to eat the brownies and slaaaackkk .

The brownies is SUPER sweet ! Actually few bites is nice but then cause shared amount only the 5 of us , each share is quite big . @.@

♥-- Peng with her name ! :D
And she got the biggest share . Hehehehes .

♥ { Christmas Countdown } 〓 24-25/12/2008

Clique was back in action again during Christmas countdown . Squeezing inside crowd in front of Takashimaya was a horrible experience ! Boo !!!

That day countdown wasnt that high , so we got high within ourselves instead . This time we had the foam sprays ! For attacking and self-defence . Hahahaha .

♥} We tried to take a photo with the foam but we ended having ourselves being blocked by the foam . @.@

Christmas gift exchange like the year before . Movie was Bedtime Stories . After movie , we just sat outside Plaza Singapura and slacked slept stoned ... till the first train .

i got a bad christmas ! i lost my Samsung G400 ! (Cries)

♥ { Hua's 18th Birthday } 〓 10/10/2008

Alright , i know hua's 18th birthday ended ages ago but still ... continue reading ! XD

That day we tricked her to Pasir Ris Park by saying we going Wild Wild Wet and she believed ! So plan was a success ! :D

Since she said she likes camps , she likes being tortured , and so we gave her during her birthday ! We created stations for her !

♥-- The first station that welcomes her - 白癡問答題 !

♥-- SEE ?! PanLiHua now KNOWS how to cycle ! Actually caused we forced her to since all of us rented bikes leaving her alone having no other choice . Wahahahahas . Evil but was a success okay ?!

♥-- Seaweed

♥-- Mini blindman trail . Hohohoho .

♥-- Brush with ginger(?) and forgot what's more . XD

♥-- Ask a passerby to sing her birthday song ! And she got rejected dont know how many times . XD

Surprised her with BBQ session and unexpected secondary classmates . Her birthday expensive sia ~~~ LOL!

And when we had nothing to do ...

♥-- Aii Fairies Photo-taking session ! :D

Since we didnt know what to do and where to go after that , we went over to Chris house and ton . Played Wii at night and Rockband in the afternoon .

♥-- Woooo ~ Guitarist ! :D
But i think i prefer drum ! XD

Phew ! i'm done with my updates . Bye! ♥
★P/S - i want shopping trips , i feel like slacking , i wanna shift furnitures in my room , i want to make my room pretty ...

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