Sunday, January 25, 2009

No CNY feel

Today's Chinese New Year Eve but i still hasnt gotten that CNY mood/feel . All i think of is shopping , other than that is clearing up my assignments load . And what i like it is ... it's a holiday ! @.@ How sad ~

CNY is the easiest time to get fat . No way i'm gonna be a victim ! Instead , i have to control myself to slim dowwwwwwn ! Hehehehehes . Self-control !!! :D

Anyhow , the whole time i will be sian too ! i simply dont know what to chat with my cousins . The gap between us seems to get bigger as we grow up , and everyone's busy with their own stuffs . And also dont know what to talk about - topicless . So i'm always rotting away for hours . Orz !

What i can think of now is only dressing up for these 3 days . Well , who doesnt like to doll themselves up preeeetty ?

- - - - -

On Friday , aii fairies met out for last minute shopping - CNY clothes . Everything was so rush as time past till we ended up got separated and so we shopped separately before gathering together again - Me & Chris while Min & Hua & Peng .

i bought fake eyelashes and the glue . i thought of wearing it during CNY but i failed to have the skills to put on nicely . So i think forget it . i shall wear it when i have the skills and not messy work . (:
- - - - -

Before i end , HAPPY CHINESE 牛 YEAR ! 牛年快樂 ~

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