Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spitting is disgusting

Two days of CNY celebration ended and now back to school (AGAIN!) with deadlines next week . i'm gonna rush like a robot ~ If CNY isnt so early , we could have gotten a wonderful relaxing celebration with long vacations after that , like last year !


Everytime random people spit on the side of pavement , it simply disgust me ! SO DISGUSTING LAH ! What if some suay people step on it ? Ewwww ~~

And ... learn Science ? Know Water Cycle ?

Evaporates then rain onto the ground , and sometimes we happen to be caught in the rain ... VERY ER XIN LAH ! If you want to spit , GO TOILET SPIT !

& i thought there is a law , cannot anyhow spit in public ?!
(Have this law right? Or dont have ? O.o)

Anyhow , just stop spitting !


P/S - i'm now addicted to Facebook and neglected Friendster . Wooohooo ~

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