Friday, December 05, 2008

Starbucks was on the house yesterday

Well , i missed it , along with Peng and Chris . We wanted to go West Coast Plaza's outlet but by the time we met was already 6plus , and we thought we could not make it . So we gave up and went to IMM for dinner instead . LJS ! @.@

i wonder how big is the crowd or how long is the crowd ? Like Ben and Jerry's free cone day ? Hahahahas . Typical Singaporeans ! ( Like me XD )

{ Holidays coming ! }

Tomorrow is last day of school ! And i'm so sexcited about it ! :D No matter what MUST also go down to Kembangan to get my Canmake gift pack - Last day !

Should i agree that this year is a bad year for me too ?
Even if i denied , the truth is still in front of me . ):

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