Monday, December 08, 2008

CSCC Captain's ball team JIAYOU !!!

{ Friday / December 5 }
Thanks Min for her accompany if not i would have get lost alone .
Went to get the Canmake gift pack i've won during there website contest . And hell , they mentioned it is a WORTH 50BUCKS gift pack but ended up just only a nail polish + Eye Nuance + a booklet of their products !!! ORZ ~!

There was a warehouse , so we went to look and bought stuffs . After that went Tampines Mall to shop . i haven been there for damn longgggggggg ~~~ @.@

{ Saturday - Sunday / December 6 -7 }
Met Chris , Peng and Hua at 10PM ++ , cause someone wants us to wait for her to eat dinner together . XO Fish Bee Hoon at Holland V for dinner ~ :D And we were the last customers . We ended up eating in the dark ~~ @.@

Then we went over Wenjing's house to ton . Her dad drove us over to Padang for Standard Chartered . This year is slack but muddy ! i super hate the muddy ground . Everyone's shoes got freaking dirty .

This year we started late and ended about the same timing as last year . All we had to do is to give out medal like Sundown Marathon and get the chips from them . Much much much more better than last year doing ushering job ALONE outside sitting on a bench in the cold . And see a rat running across the walking lane !

And we received in the end is 1 free Addidas helper shirt , $20 cash and 1 letter of Addidas 20% off .

OHYA , Yuqin , Joshua and Edward kept saying Lollipop's songs like some kiddy songs !!! WALAOS AYEEEEEE !!! (Scolding Vulagrities -ING)


Everything is so packed now . Parents last minute decided to continue with the plan of going Bangkok which is tomorrow ! (Faint) Then tomorrow morning 8.30AM - CSCC VS SB for Captain's Ball Match . Gonna missed the meeting with DMAT and the 1.5 day of Aspiration Camp .

ORZ !!!

For tomorrow's match , CS team JIAYOU ! & if any of you wanna come down support , you are very very very welcome ! :D

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