Monday, December 01, 2008

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Sp Star is over but i think better job could be done . And i think i'm lazy too . Failed to get LOA cause of the damn presentation of our modeling of studio set and also last minute of rushing of 3D assignment . This time not many went down to help , maybe cause there's more last year . Poor Wenjing is always the one rushing the props .

This year i managed to watch the competition . Cause last year me and Wenjing had to stay at the registration booth the whole day and after that gave out the dont know what concert brochure . So the whole time this year i was slacking . Left early too to meet Chris and Peng . XD

Next day was HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY to Chris , Peici and Chongyan . Well , as we promised Chris earlier , we overnight at her house on her birthday . Actually the plan was to have BBQ but her mum didnt manage to book the pit , so we celebrated in her house . And they bbq in her house too ?

i also went to change to SIM card to the 3G SIM card . So now i can use my new phone !!! ♥♥♥ We bought 18 doughnuts since her family already bought her cake . The whole ride to her house was so hungry . The doughnuts are simply very tempting lah ! @.@

♡ { Heart-shaped Geek specs is COOL but it doesnt belong to me . ): }

♡ { LOL @ Chris' godfather . What is he trying to do ? }

♡ { (Blind) tissue paper auntie ? XDDDD }

Min didnt come in the end , cause by the time she reached Chris house would be past midnight . And if she stayed overnight , she sure get scolded by her dad again , plus MST week too .

That night , we went Orchard's Party World for the 2am-6am package . But we went late . Crazy night . BUT I WANT TO COMPLAIN , THE SONGS ARE NOT UPDATED !!! Dont have 秘密基地、dont have 苦茶 ~~ ORZ ! And when we walked out of Party World , we still said we not tired . But as we walked to Mc Donald's and stayed there awhile (Chris and Hua wanna get some bites) , everyone started to get sleepy . By the time we were in the train , we started dozing off ! In Chris' house , we slept for dont know how many hours . Got home at around late afternoon ?

♡ { Before leaving Party World ~ }

″★ ″★ ″★″

Wheeeeee ~ No lesson tomorrow ! :D

That time because of the Korean Night Concert, my uncle (han's dad) actually drove the Korean stars arounddddddddddd when they came Singapore !!!

Then my mum also said Zheng Cheng表哥 earlier got drive HK stars around !!!

& now then i knowwwwwwwwww ~~~


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