Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Production Design is wasting time

First time being referee for Captain's ball match is SCARY ! WeiMin was another referee representing CSCC . i know i didnt do a good job . i'm simply not used to being one & i know there were many times when i should blow the whistle . i still prefer playing the match myself . Or else , maybe refereeing a netball match will be better as i'm more used to the Netball rules . XD

Well , after that was just another whole long day at Yishun's void deck till late at night . And what i did was only modeling the furnitures ! Kneading the clay results in dirty hands . So i ended up fixing myself to modeling the furnitures . Not the end , later in the morning gonna go back the void deck continue . And there goes another day !

Production design is really wasting our time . Big work yet only 20% assignment for the 4 credits . BIG BOOOOOO !

i need a rest .

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