Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy days are tiring days

Tiring days ever since Bangkok trip . i havent have a proper rest other than last night long hours of sleep after Aspiration Camp . i'm super tired again after whole day of Production Design(PD) at BoonLeng's house void deck (At Yishun somemore ! So far from my house . Zzz) . And also dont have the time to upload the Bangkok photos into my labtop . ORZ ~

Bangkok trip was short and i havent gotten enough of shopping there . Though i bought the most within my family , but i still think it isnt enough ! There's still more that i wanna get . Other than shopping , we also did abit of sightseeing and watching a cultural show .

Went down to school for Aspiration Camp after a sort-of-a-quick-packing at home . And as a free GP , i was like slacking the whole load of time . Anyway , fun time with the DSA kids/teens/adults (?) . This only happens once every 2 years . Fun and meaningful . (:

Now trying to clear off PD assignment . Hopefully soon . Chalet this week too . But just got to know today that there's captain's ball match this week . ORZ ! There goes another week of my holiday !

Zzz , i've only got 3 weeks of holidays and 1 is gone . i think i wont have a good break during this holiday . Activties and assignment meetups are filling up the days . And 7 Jan production test !!! i haven start revising AT ALL !!! Freeeeeak !!!

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