Wednesday, October 15, 2008

8am Lesson

Like last semester , 8am lesson is always end up about 1 hour later . Now Tuesday's lessons has officially pushed backwards . And lecturer kept saying , "so the lesson now is 9-11 ..." We thought we could go off at 11am but that was just a misunderstanding . 9-11 is only for 1 module ! Cause on the same day we have two lessons on 2 different modules with the same lecturer . ORZ !

The second lesson was spent to watch-movie(Stealth)-behind-scene .

And i dont know if he played another movie's behind scene cause i was wandering off on the net . After that , all i know , i was sleepy and fell asleep in that freaking cold room !

Yeahhhh ! *Cheering* The happy thing was school ended after that and the time was just freaking noon time ! On a tuesday leh !!! ♥ But dont know how will it be tomorrow . Media Law for the whole morning - tutorial and lecture . Ohya , and will be my first time attending lesson in a lecture theatre ! Dont know is a good thing or a bad thing . *Confuse*

Now for something random ~
WOO Forum is so laggy today ! STUPID SYSTEM . WHY ?!
Pity me and let me in lah . p(T︵T)q

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