Friday, October 17, 2008

it's a small world after all

Hey Gorgeous is back again @
Scanned through pages especially from Singapore Poly . & i must say World is SO SMALL ! Riwei has been nominated by i-dont-know-who then in his comments i saw the familiar 'christinaaaaa' chris like to put and her sem1's classmates' names . And true enough was them . *Sing it's a small world after all ~*

i shall now start ranting about school . Banya's lesson was as boring as before . 4 froggy hours ! To make my time wise , i watch MFBBT . HAHAHAHHAHS . Actually lesson now is more interesting compared to earlier cause this time we learn to use Wacom (a drawing tablet brand) to draw/sketch using Photoshop CS3 (i'm totally not used to CS3) . Sounds interesting but hard task unless you have great sense on color tones . Healing brush + Smudge tool .

♥ My end result !
Can you see clouds ? *dont know which emotion to insert*

i want a Wacom too ! i cant wait to play with it at home . XD

Captain's ball training is back again . Well , i guess this can make me stay active in club . i've been like MIA eversince Sem1 school started ? Gonna be more prepared this time . Hoping everyone has the basic before it's too late to train . And captain's ball also means i'm exercising again ! HEHEHEHEHS . XD JIAYOUS CSCC TEAM ! ♥

Wahpiang , my bro super what the frog ! He thought my Herbal Essence Conditioner(blue) is shampoo and he used it as shampoo ! (The real shampoo is placed behind the conditioner .) Already like going 2 weeks ! Doesnt he know the different between shampoo and conditioner ? Doesnt he feel wierd that this "shampoo" has no foam AT ALL? Is he blind or what ? Conditioner is stated there and he cant read the difference - Conditioner and shampoo . And he showed his stupid retarded blur look again . he's still Secondary 3 express student ! What crab is this ?!! @.@

Friday only lesson's lecturer has changed lecturer . i guess tomorrow will be another slack day . *Cheering* Ohya , and if anyone has nothing to do in school on Wednesday from 11am-12noon , feel free to crash into MLT11 and entertain me ! i will be rotting away on every Wednesday morning . George Hu only knows how to zi high and talking to himself . No one actually really laugh at his joke other than himself . *faint*

Random ...

♥ i want to shop shop shop !
Get more pretty stuffs ! They are never enough ! (:

♥ This weekend gonna memorise script for Monday's duo acting .

♥ 小小&ABC ! i think they prefer this two in the second batch of MFBBT .
Though i still LOVE my first batch of MFBBT ! Totally miss those fun and laughters they gave .

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