Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Nothing is right and left

Are you thinking of this Right & Left ?

But sorry to say , i'm not referring to this . (:

Nothing is getting right . i'm heading nowhere for my assignments which both deadlines is on this coming Friday . & now is Wednesday ! i've only got 2 more days to complete !

Nothing is left for me . Time still moves on ; assignments wont automatically get themselves completed ... i'm just wasting my god damn precious time !

Lecturer played " Sin City " during lesson and we managed to watch the whole movie before ending the lesson .

This movie hell damn bloody ! Gross and violence but cool ! it's an almost black and white movie cause they added colors to certain things . Many visual effects have been added . Hence the level of bloody gross scene has been greatly reduced unlike some movies .

But seriously , if it had been filmed , edited and viewed like our very common color movie , i think everyone will have damn bloody nightmares ! Ohya , there's nude scenes too ! & this is a R21 movie .

This movie is really nice but i'm not referring to its gross , violence and nude scenes . it is translated from a comic , hence they filmed and edited it like a comic . However , the story is a bit complicated due to its storyline sequence . But well , still worth to watch ! XD

Look here for more juicy information about the movie ! :D

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