Thursday, August 07, 2008

8 hours on the same School lab's chair

No , i'm not crazy nor being punished . i'm just trying to stay focus with my stupid Maya assignment that is driving me hell crazy and killing my brain cells at the same time . it seems no difference from studying for an examination !

Forget it , i've got no time to ranting around about Maya . Deadline is tomorrow , and After Effects assignment too . None of them are done ! Good luck to me tomorrow , spending the whole load of "GOOD" time in school rushing them off .

Rendering for Maya may drive me crazy , which i hope not ! Lecturer said Iron Man took 9 hours to render a frame . Yes , a damn freaking pathetic frame ! Nine hours is mad mad mad . If computer gets hang halfway through or any error happens in between , Oh-My-Lollipop ! have to re-render again ! (One frame equals to an image , and to get a few seconds scene , you'll need at least few hundreds of frames . Now , imagine it for a more than one hour movie .)

No way for me , i will go mad for sure !

Kucfing my labtop ! All because of the Internet Explorer which i cannot get rid of during installation , i cannot have Adobe After Effects CS3 inside my labtop ! Blame my kucfing labtop , i have to do my freaking assignment in SCHOOL !

Well well , National Day on Saturday ! i think i gonna give it a miss again , like last year , for my never-ending-assignments . ANYONE HAS THE MOVIE ' MATRIX ' DVD ?! CAN LEND ME PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE ? i need it for my assignment which is due next week ! *Innocent Eyes*

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