Friday, August 08, 2008

Overflow with stress

Guess what ?

i still haven complete my Maya assignment ! Hell damn . i thought i could finish it by today , blame the lighting and shadowing in Maya . Never ending problems ! Actually i thought of doing my Visual Effects in Films (VFXF) this weekend , but Maya has successfully won VFXF . Super Boo !

i wanna have a desktop for my assignments use . it is really hard for me to use my labtop to do Maya Assignments . it often lags like hell , and end up error then bye bye ! There goes my hard work ! *Cries* And also to install Adobe After Effects CS3 which failed to be installed into my labtop !

Days are getting harder with driving mad Assignments . & today i feel like crying , just too stress ! i simply dont know why i'm learning Maya when that isnt my favourite or probably not the one i enjoy doing . i think in my course , only Maya and Java are the ones i seriously dont enjoy ! But will feel a sense of satisfaction after completing the assignment .

i still prefer video editing .

i miss Photoshop !

i enjoy creating websites with HTML - Web publishing lessons .
But seriously , all the way during those webp lessons , i'm a slacker who even listen to songs during lesson or simply didnt listen to what the lecturer say .

No use ranting when Maya will fill up my whole life in SP plus with high credit points too (as high as 9) . Fucky Crazy ! A fact that i die die also cannot escape ! ):

i'm gonna get some rest before continuing that no life Maya . Pray for me that everything will go smoothly ! :D

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