Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ever felt this way ?

It just pops into my mind & the urge is there . May be just a moment of enthusiasm , i dont know . But sometimes the urge just get stronger . Worse , at the wrong time .

My strongest urge now is to dress pretty and go for shopping trips ! The urge is getting stronger even in the midst of rushing assignments ! & so , now i dont really feel like doing my assignments which the deadline is in 3 DAYS time .

That's not the only urge i have .

1) Getting Stitch merchandise and other Japan characters' merchandise (like Mamegoma , Gloomy Bear etc) .

2) Earning bucks online

3) Work part-time at SeiMon-Cho (as if people will want to hire me when they currently only have 2 branches)

4) More Facial Products especially Mask !

5) Dye my hair dark brown (or around this color)

Cant imagine ? Then look at the photos below AND IGNORE MY FAT FACE & BAD PHOTOSHOP & BAD QUALITY PHOTO ! (Anyway , fringe much more longer now compared to the fringe in photo)

01) 02)
03) 04)
05) 06)
07) 08)
09) 10)

Which color do you think look better on me ?

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