Thursday, July 31, 2008

Surprise failed to come true

Just got back from filming at the Buangkok Kampong . & now i'm no difference from a dead dog . i need a recharging / refreshing mask but sadly , i dont have . Maybe i'll just use my seaweed mask later .

Faceshop GSS is ending today (Thur) . Probably going to purchase more items after school since i wanna get a birthday present for my mum . Yes , her birthday is today ! Actually wanted to get the present after my filming just now , then place it on her table to surprise her when she wakes up . But filming ended much much too late , and so the idea got a big strike off ! ):

Maya , After Effect & filming are keeping me crazy these days as death date is speeding nearer .
" Lecturers ! Extend deadlines pleeeeeeeease ~ "

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