Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Art is a friend , but i dislike this friend

HELLow ,
Drawing is a killer ! It kills BIG TIME !

30% Assignment = Draw an Architecture building !

Furthermore , the deadline is TOMORROW !!! *Mind-blank-without-any-design-yet*

& merely just small little watercolor painting materials (paint brushes , watercolors of a SPECIFIC brand and a white poster color) cost A BOMB at Art Friend .

Over 70 bucks just for the above materials !
Fish Fish ! *Hole-in-pocket*

Watercolor painting lessons gonna be a KILLER , much more WORSE than Drawing ! :(

i just feel like escaping from reality , can i ?

P/S : Freeeeeeeeeeeeeak ! i just found i have to submit TWO GINKUCF ARCHITECTURE DRAWING TOMORROW ! ROOOOOOOOOOAR ! (i think i'm gonna skip tomorrow's morning lesson . Blame that lecturer!)

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