Friday, July 11, 2008

i'm Ranting

i never knew DRAWING GIVES SUCH A HELL TIME not until i had to do 2 drawings for my Digital Matte Painting Module Assignment 1 .

01 - Limited Themes
i had trouble thinking of WHAT TO DRAW ! There are themes we have to follow . We could not draw anything that we like , like drawing our dream house or so . We were given CHIM theme like Greeks & Romans building , Early Christian , Art Deco and so on .

If you ask me what are they , i dont know too ! & we only have ONE PATHETIC WEEK to do !

02 - Took up hours of my life
For just 1 drawing , i already took hours ! With one more drawing to do , that makes up MORE HOURS . And i still have to shade shade shade .

In the end , i even have to skip my morning lesson for just that two drawings ! Worse still , i HAVENT HAD ANY SLEEP throughout the night ! When i was done , it was about time to get ready for that lesson .

Lucky i took a short nap before i started the assignment .

Alright , i'm only able to list out two points . & i forgot to take a photo / photos of my drawing ! ):

i'm back to the damn old days when i still have to do painting . This time is WATERCOLOR PAINTING ! Sad life . ):

Actually there's reasons why i hate painting .

01 - Troublesome
Dont you agreeeeeeeeeeeeeee ? Get all the stuffs prepared , and end with mess that you have to clear it . And and and , if used brushed are not washed properly , most probably there maybe paint stuck inside which ends up MORE MESS .

02 - Waste Money
This time round really cost A BOMB by getting MORE materials of some good brand which i dont know how wonderful it helps with my painting . And , know what ? (i think) Most probably the painting lessons will end till this semester ends .

So , how long is this semester going to end ?

Around 1 month ? Which is around 4 weeks !
Damn damn damn , waste my money only .

And how often do i actually paint ?
Only when there's SUCH painting lessons . Argh !

So what the hell am i going to do with the materials especially the leftover paints ?! 72 bucks leh ! #$%^&*()

03 - Bad controlling of brushes
i totally have bad control on brushes ! Always and without fail , i will paint until outline ! Never ever be sooooooooooo neat . But if it does happen , that's miracle who does it ! Not me .

04 - Waste Time
Imagine you have to take and layout all your materials , think of what to paint , hours of concentration to paint a nice painting , wash all the used materials ...

How much time is spent ?

i still got other assignments leh ! :(

05 - Nothing helps in the future
i dont like painting , so of course why would i get myself into trouble to paint for a living ?! Worse still , media industry 's kind of painting is called Matte Painting which is to paint a HUMONGOUS background of that particular scene in a movie !

If i will have to paint , please pity the crews , directors and producers !

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

i know many girls like to put on make up . Same thing applies to me too . In fact putting on make up is also a type of manners towards others other than making yourself look prettier or with a more pleasant look .

Chio right ?
Like 大眼公主 ~

If this photo is up on Friendster , i bet guys sure add and comment ,

" Mind to intro ? "
" ASL . "
" You look pretty . Can i make friend with you ? "

& so on with whatever dialogue you can think of .

BUT what's behind the mask of makeups ?
Especially THICK makeups .

Someone like this ?

Or expecting someone who still looks princessy even without makeups ?
At least a pair of BIG eyes ?

However , not necessary to be what you expected when you have someone who is REALLY SUPER GOOD with her makeups . No plastic surgery and No Photoshop in any photos .

Compare the two photos (the above two) .

Can you believe the two photos are of the SAME GIRL ?

At first , i cant believe too , so much way difference . But i guess with good makeup skills and hardwork can really bring you that far .

But you know what ?

This is like NO DIFFERENCE from plastic surgery . Still losing your actual self .

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Before i end this post ,

1) i finally received the presents Chris bought in Taiwan from Hua . THANKS ALOT , CHRIS ! Love you lots ! ♥

2) Bit Torrent is filling up my life , like so crazy (with the downloading , of course) ?

3) 模範棒棒堂 20080702 (像謎一般的民間禁忌)is CREEPY oh ! Watch it if you havent . Search it at Youtube . There's also exorcists as guests to explain the reason for each and every creepy-ness that have happened .

4) i 'm getting FAT or should say i'm still stuck in my FAT weight for dont know how long ! i wanna slim down BUT i cant help eating tibits ! So tempting , okay ?! Teach me the fastest way to get rid all those ugly fats please ! ):


Cool bus right ? :D
A mirror image of the other half .

6) Bye-bye Lovelies ! i'm gonna continue watching ' Crows Zero ' , a Japan 's violent NC16 Movie . & Shibatora (少年刑警) is a nice drama which started telecast the very first episode on Tuesday . Teppei Keiko is the main actor oh ! Watch it when its so Hot & Fresh ! :D

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