Sunday, July 20, 2008

Connection Camp

i am back from Connection Camp !

it was fun , bored and was overall quite low . this is really a very sad thing . Supposedly to be a fun and high camp yet ended up like this . CAMPUS , YOU ALL SHOULD BE MORE HIGH ! At least during all the games lah .

i'm glad i stayed throughout ! Performance was another high-thing though left with fewer campus and GPs . Some special thing happened oh ! HAHAHAHAHS ~

Overall as a GP was quite slacky but nevertheless , it was a fun experience especially to interact more with the other year 2s and 3s . (: Used to find 3 days 2 nights is already quite long for a camp but not now . Everything end so soon ! ):

Sort of la-teh session with a group of GPs (includes a number of OCs) after break camp cause we separated into 3 eating place . But after that come together to play pool . Honestly , it has really been sometime since i went out with a gang of CSCC friends to eat and play pool . (Cause i was MIA for that quite sometime XD)

Camp make me forget all the stress i have . But still , many assignment are uncompleted is a fact that i have to face .

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