Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hear my Sexcitment

If nothing goes wrong which i hope not , i will be going Japan during this coming September holidays - 9 - 13 September ! No more stuck in Singapore ! *Cheering*

Anyway , this will not be fully a holiday trip filled with shopping and sight-seeing . Study tour to be specified . But the whole schedule sounds SO FUN ! Visiting schools and studios . May sound uninteresting or so but the place we actually are going to visit are SO HOLY !

Places like Sega/or Games developer, Studio Ghibli ( They dont anyhow allow visitors to visit the place okay ? Even their locals and other animators . So this is a RARE CHANCE . If you dont know , this studio is opened by this famous Film Director Hayao Miyazaki - Read up his information & you should at least have a clear mind of what he is unless you totally miss his great hits like My Neighbor Totoro ! ) , Japan Engineering College , Yoyogi Animation School , Polygon Pictures ... PLACES YOU WOULD NEVER GO ON A HOLIDAY TRIP ANYTIME YOU LIKE !

& VISITING DISNEYLAND IS OF COURSE A NOT-TO-MISS THING ! (Well , is also included in the whole package!) (:

The whole trip is mainly on games and animation , so it should be a wonderful fun trip ! :D
Not to forget MORE SHOPPING ! *GRINS*

HA , i'm getting more and more sexcited now ! :D

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