Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tomorrow's Last day of School

YESYESYES ! Holidays are here again . i'm always in a holiday mood anyway , still not recovered from that long long holiday which ended 7 weeks ago . HEHEHES . But i guess this holidays shall not be an enjoyable one . BUT I'M GLAD TO HAVE LOLLIPOP TO BRING ME UP TO HIGHNESS ! :D

2 more weeks to their arrivals and i totally cant wait ! At the same time i cant believe it ! A dream that finally come true as i thought it would most probably be some time later , much much later but it seems that now i've only got to wait for 2 weeks to pass . (:

Putting the highness aside , i've got face the fact that i have ASSIGNMENTS which makes me ROARRRRRR ! ): That sure last till the end of year 2 ! And now is only week 7 of the entire year 2 life !

Oh well , tomorrow is the submission for my Animatics . Not done nor halfway completed . Still way to go which includes paper work . No software in my labtop means i've got to rush in school tomorrow . And oh yes , that's real last minute work ! ):

i feel bad when my mother keeps asking me when i'm free during this 3 weeks holidays .


To go for a holiday trip . To places like Taiwan and Bangkok . But i told her it will be impossible for this coming holidays . Individual assignments are alright but for production , is a group work thing and it also takes up a lot of time . That's why i say my holidays wont be an enjoyable holiday .

She has asked me since i-dont-know-when and a number of times . And for the next holiday (a longer one) i most probably will be more time to spare but my brother cant .


P/S ♥
Hopefully everything is confirmed and is able to start . Totally hate to like a ping-pong . Confirm and settle .

P/S ♥♥
i know i have been typing texts only in my recent post cause i dont have time for futher updates on my days . But do hold on , i'm gonna update with photos soon ! Very soon . (:

P/S ♥♥♥
i just finished watch ' Music & Lyrics ' . (:
A story with nice and lovely songs . The movie timing is just nice , simple and well done ! i love it ! The melodies in the story are really soothing . ♥

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