Thursday, May 29, 2008

i'm such a noob ! ):

Fuck ! i'm so freaking NOOB with Adobe After Effects CS3 ! Never ever feel so noob before ! :(

i actually stared at the screen helplessly , trying to figure out a very basic thing - which is adjusting keyframes . In the end , still failed to figure it out ! For hours some more !


i'm spamming tutorials in youtube ! LEARN AND APPLY ! There isnt much time for me to waste . i'm getting Leonard to assist me tomorrow . So , i hope i can at least be in the almost finishing mode . Lucky there's Digital Compositing and Matting on friday or should say whole day the same lecturer .

WHY ?!

Cause i can ask the lecturer for SOS and do my last minute work .

This is the result for NOT BEING ATTENTIVE in class ! ): & i guess its time for me to learn more things on the stuffs . Stuffs that are related to my course . i'm gonna update myself extra knowledge ! Google-ling shall be my choice ! Wheeeeeeeee ~ (:

Ohya , i had presentation on the movie , Forrest Gump , today with Kellyn ! & seriously , i'm a bad presenter ! Perhaps i'm not born to be one . )': i always will end up loss of words or forget what to say or dont know how to explain the points . Arghhh !!!
Hopefully the lecturer wont rate me down too much . ):

& not to forget , the final submission is on Friday and is yet to be completed .

Alrights , i shall continue my spamming for tutorials .
Fighting ! (:

P/S ♥
Did i mention i try to have After Effects install into my labtop ? Well , Kenson tried to help me and i also tried installing at home BUT STILL FAIL !!! Which means i have to do my Animatics in school . ):

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