Sunday, May 25, 2008


Ohyes ! i have edited my current blogskin, and that takes up my precious saturday with all the thinking and editing . Plus watching 模範棒棒堂 too !

My saturday is wasted ! :( Nevermind , i still have Sunday to clear some loads of my assignments .

Here's my list of assignments to be completed :

Visual Effects in Films - Forrest Gump
presentation on Wednesday & final submission on Friday
Effects Animation - 3D + Dynamics (Rigid Body, Particles, Fluid ...)
on Tuesday , lecturer wants to see out work in progress & finally submission is on the 2nd week of the holidays . So , for the WIP , i think i will anyhow start off first . XD

3D for Visual Effects - Basically 3D Animation i guess . XD

Finally submission after the school holidays

Digital Compositing and Matting - Animatics

Finally submission is this coming week ! & only God knows which day .

Production For Visual Effect - Filming

i dont know when's the deadline but i know there will be weeks , starting from the holidays , busy doing all the preparation and filming .


First week of holiday that monday , there will also be a Digital Matte Painting make up lesson . & is a make up lesson for Labour's Day ! That lecturer is seriously so ma fan ! i dont like him too .

Well , i really hope to clear at least some loads of assignments today . & so i have to try to stay focus ! No matter how much i hate to do assignments , especially when using Maya and doing sort of like reports , i still have to try my best to complete them . Gosh , that's how realistic life is ! ):

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