Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stupid is as stupid does

i'm gonna be sick and tired of Forrest Gump ! Not that the movie is boring ( it's a nice movie ! (: ) , but i have to do assignments related to it . So , i have to dig out all the stuffs i see and know about the movie . Like the plot , lighting , dialogue , visual effects and anything that relates to create the movie . That's pretty tiring , somehow bores me off . However , it helps me to get further on my filming knowledge . Now , i know how they film Forrest Gump . A pretty interesting process . (:

"Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
- quoted from the Forrest Gump movie

i feel tired or probably sleepy these days . i guess i'm really really lacking of sleep and rest . ):

On Wednesday , some of us , CSCC , who went for Rachel's birthday party we made up for her with an ice-cream cake . Cause that night something happened and the atmosphere became tense after that .


I WANT THIS ! I WANT THIS ! (x countless times)

For turning for the first time , i decided to turn more after that day BUT i never thought that it would go OUT OF STOCK after like 2 days ? SO FAST !!! ):

Is there still anywhere with the capsule machine that only has SNITCH keychain ?
i want them , ALL 6 ! They are all so cute lah !





分成兩組相比,一起煎熬努力往夢向前進,終于熬過了4個階段!現在也是揭曉成績的時候了 !




Alrights , i'm gonna go and watch 05/23's 模範棒棒堂 series now ! & assignments later !HEHEHES . XD

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