Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh-My-Lollipop !

For the first time of my life , lecturer brought us to our Visual Effects Studio . it really disappoints me cause is REALLY REALLY SUPER DUPER DAMN SMALL ! Whenever lecturer told us how small it is and it has its length rather than the depth , i thought it will still be big as in the length . But after going in today , seriously , the studio is damn small ! Class of about 21 went in and was already quite packed (standing around at the sides) . And the "stage" is SUPER SMALL . i guess the most we can do is only interview and maybe simple walking (but the lighting may kill the scene) in the studio .

★ This is the super small "stage" .

The designer is REALLY a maron as what my lecturer said . And i totally agreeeeeeeee !

Weeeeeeeell , nothing can be done . Even building and designing a new studio also needs time . ):

Let's talk about lunch break today .

Oh damn Bavani , Kellyn & Grace ! You girls made me have a hard time drinking my grass jelly drink ! :(

What actually happened was ...

Flashback to the time when Bavani wipes her fingers with the waterdroplets on my cup of drink .
( i dont exactly remember the full details but was something like this . )

me : Hey dont molest my cup

bava : Hahaha , then what about rape ?

kellyn : Drink the thing

Starting from then , i seriously had a hard time drinking .

i was drinking and eyes looking on me . Really a hard time
drinking or even getting the drink down my throat .

kellyn : you still drink, suck somemore . you need condom ? i have papaya
flavour (refering to her trash after eating her papaya)

kellyn (cont'd) : Drink so slow

grace : cos she like to suck slowly

End of Flashback .

i 'm going insane ! :( Nevermind , its not a one-day thing ! XD

Actually we have already spent like a year plus crapping all along . All kinds of craps ! And i miss 1b/03 ! ( Cause Kellyn and i are in 06 , CG Effects , while Bavani and Grace are in 04 , 3D Animation . )

★ 1a/03 , taken during our first and last photography trip .

The news of Lollipop coming Singapore makes me fill up HIGH-ness till i 'm back active in the WOO forum . When i say active , i mean staying inside there as if it 's my whole life ! XD i know , crazy crazy !

Ohya ! & no more Oh-My-God ! Now is Oh-My-Lollipop !

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