Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lollipop is love indeed but not drawing

On the way home , i went to Popular to get stuff . When i was at the counter when i notice - LOLLIPOP !!! ♥♥♥

$1.20 EACH PACKET . ♥♥♥

And i bought TWO ! i know i 'm crazy but i cant help it . The packaging is so cute ! (:

Today we have Digital Matte Painting lesson (actually we have it EVERY THUR). Guess what we did ?

First task: Draw straight lines with free hand . Lines consist of 3 tones . THE LECTURER ACTUALLY TOLD US TO DRAW 10 PAGES but we just ignored him .
Save the trees , cher !

Second task: Draw Curves . Draw as many as possible .

O.S. Why do lecturers like to show off their works ?

Third task: Draw boxes from different perspectives and draw them in different sizes .
i had a hard time visualising . ):

Forth task: Draw 3 designs of ... something like building but wierd design cause is not a building so can anyhow design .
My forth task is still incomplete . And seriously , i have a hard visualising ! How i wish i was born with special artistic talent . ):

“To visualize is to see what is not there, what is not real -- a dream . To visualize is, in fact, to make visual lies . Visual lies, however, have a way of coming true.”
- Peter McWilliams

i thought of buying different types/design of lollipops . I MEAN REAL LOLLIPOPS ! Well , of cause is impossible for me to have a collection of it since is a sweet . And sweet wrappers are troublesome . i 'll take photos of them . (:

Sounds COOL right ? :D

GOSH , tomorrow is my submission for my Production Effects' Assignment 1 . i 'm gonna finalize my work . ♥ BYE ! ♥ *RUNAWAY*

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