Thursday, January 02, 2014

Starting the New Year with Rain and Nine Muses

How's 2014 so far for you? For me, life's back to the usual routine - boring. Hope it'll get exciting soon! Anyhow, I still had a good start of the year. My friend invited me, along with two other friends to Rain with Nine Muses New Year Concert as her parents received free tickets from MBS. It was a fun night and also an exciting way to start the year.

⋙ Best goodie bag with the essentials for a concert party night. ・*:・゚☆

Even though I am not a fan of Nine Muses and Rain (in fact, I don't know any of their songs. Opps! XD), I still enjoyed myself especially when Rain appeared. After all, I'm a girl whatttt!!! Hahahaha. Since I'm there, I became a cloud for a day! Cloud is the name for Rain's fans, like Big Bang's fans are called VIP and 2NE1's fans are called Blackjacks. He went down the stage twice to provide fan service, of course, I also reached out my hands like everyone la! hahahaha

⋙ The happy girls after the concert.

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