Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Old Stationery from my childhood days

If I have to mention one thing that I have been liking/collecting since young, that would be stationery. It just grows within me naturally and I don't know why. It's like an addiction to me that I seem to never be able to stop. Ever since I have my own pocket money, part of the money are spent on stationery. Bookshops were my paradise and I believe, bookshop was once everyone's paradise especially during primary school days.

In this post, I'm going to share the stationery that I have bought about 10 years ago or even longer. (I'm a 90's kid, so don't expect anything really old unless I just happened to get/receive it during my childhood days.) I guess most of them can already be classified as 'vintage stationery' as they are no longer seen these days? Flipping through each of them actually reminds me of the trends and happenings back then which I have totally forgotten about. Hope this post sends you some flash backs of your childhood days as well, especially if you are a 90's day like me.

☆: Photos are all taken by me. Please do not repost them without permission and proper credits. Thank you!

When I was in primary school, I enjoyed buying cute erasers but never really use them. They are simply too cute to use and honestly, cute things are not always good in quality too. As a result, I ended up with a big cookie tin full of such cute erasers. It was so space consuming that I passed it to my mum cause I didn't want them already. hahahaha. Not sure if she has actually dumped them away or still hiding them somewhere in the house.

Nestle Pencil Case:
Grew up munching boxes of Nestle cereals and at times there were freebies attached to each box. This milo pencil case is one of them. I remember having the honey stars pencil case too.

My primary school bookshop always have cute notebooks that I could not help but to buy them without a purpose for it. Actually, even until now I still can't resist pretty notebooks but I just try to control myself.
⋙ 3D covers on the two Winnie the Pooh notebooks.
Colourful Crayons:
This was given by my aunt when I was young (primary school?).

Paper Abacus and Timetable Chart:
I took abacus as extra classes in my primary school. It was an optional enrichment program. Since the timetable chart also has "Educational Workshop" written on it, I suppose it was also given by my abacus teacher.

Souvenir from ESCAPE Theme Park:
Powerpuff Girls from Cartoon Network was once a popular cartoon, even the once most exciting theme park in Singapore collaborated with it. ESCAPE Theme Park has closed down on 26 November 2011.

Powerpuff Girls Planner:
See? The once popular cartoon! At the kids' section, there used to be section filled with Powerpuff Girls stationery and I got this.

Para Para inserts:
Honestly, I have no idea where I got this planner inserts but Para Para was such a big trend back then in the arcade.

NKF's K-Buddy Planner:
When I was in primary school, we were always given a donation sheet to ask for donations. At the same time, we were also rewarded for the certain amount of donations we received. The rewards varied according to the amount we received and this planner was what I got then.

Address/Contact Book:
I believe those who were from the 90s and below would have kept an address/contact book in the past. Cellphones were not that advanced yet but anyway, I was too young to have one too. Most of the callings were done from home phone to home phone. My dad's pager number was also recorded in it. Yes, PAGER!!! So I guess this can also tell how "advanced" technology was back then. Even when I have my own cellphone, I still have to keep a hard copy as we don't have iCloud back then.

Calling Cards:
As this was sold in boxes in my primary school bookshop, some of my classmates and I would exchange "name cards".
⋙ Shiro Petto!
⋙ Cardcaptor Sakura!

⋙ Qoo's mascot! 
Smiley Squirrel Magnet: 

DIY Pencil Case:
This was made during my church camp when I was very young. I think my age was still a single digit. We did a number of crafting during the camp and this was one of them. I didn't literally make this myself. I think I only sewed till letter 'l' or 'e' of the word 'Bible'. The rest were continued and completed by the adults who were at the camp with us.

Sticker Cards:
These sticker cards were really popular when I was in primary school! They were from a card machine which we had to toss in a 20-cents coin for each turn. I wonder if these machines are still around. The cards were all random, so we were always hoping not to get repeated ones. The most popular themes were Pokemon and 還珠格格 (huan zhu ge ge).

File from an event:

File Case:
This was from Value Dollar shop or something similar. I remember there was pink (bunny) and green (frog) too.

Writing Papers and Marron Cream Colouring Book:

Letter Set and Envelopes from Thailand:
Bought them during my first trip there in 2002. I think all were bought in 7-Eleven. Sadly, I don't seem to find such stationery at Bangkok's 7-Eleven during my later trips.
⋙ These came along with letter sheets but I don't seem to find them now. I think I've used them up.

Origami Papers:

Caper Cat Club Writing Papers:
I remember I got this in exchange with my arcade winnings. The prizes back then seemed so much exciting compared to the later years and now.

Letter sheets by Color Orange Story:
Color Orange Story is a Korean stationery company but I'm not sure if it's still around. In the past, I was too young to learn which country the stationery were from as they were simply stationery in my eyes. My school's bookshops sold them and they were so many cute covers that I actually bought quite a few. The designs inside are all different.
⋙ Both has a mixture of Crayon Shin-chan and Mashi Maro.
⋙ Only the one with the bear on the cover has designs according to its cover. The others are a mixed with characters like Pucca and Cardcaptor Sakura.

Brand's Junior Club Pencil Holder and Wriggly Pen:
I was a member of the Brand's Junior Club but I don't remember how I received this holder. This wriggly pen which I also have no idea how it came about is always stored inside this holder. Actually I don't know what this pen is called. When it's on, the top would turn and vibrate the pen causing the lines or writings to wriggle. Hence, I just called it the wriggly pen. Anyway, it's malfunctioning already.

Stickers Sheets:
⋙ The Emperor's New Clothes was from a performing event the school brought us to. But I totally have forgotten what performance it was.

I shall end here for now and my next old stationery post gonna be on:


  1. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You're right i loved this post!!!(you said yesterday you're working on a new blog post that i'd like *^^*)
    I was such a stationery hoarder too, when I was younger!! I used to go "shopping" with my friend and wasted all our money on stationery!!! Now when I look at your photos, I wish i would have saved my childhood stuff too :'( (When I was in primary school, I was a little control freak and i felt anxious if i had too much stuff lying around thus I always threw away all "unimportant stuff" (actually i'm still like that but i try to hold myself and not throw anything away anymore as I know i'd regret it someday!) If i could, i would slap my past self now!!! It's so cool to watch your childhood stuffs and I can't wait the next part hehe