Sunday, October 06, 2013


If you are familiar with Dropbox, Copy is the exact same thing - free cloud storage. However, Copy provides way more free storage than what one can get in Dropbox. I would say, if you have been relying on Dropbox yet always lacking of spaces, time to move to Copy! By just signing up, you may have already gotten more storage space than what you currently have for Dropbox. That's how useful it is!

So how much spaces are users given?

All Copy users are given a basic free storage of 15GB. For every successful referral, both parties receive 5GB each. So, if you sign up with a referral link, you'll receive an instant 20GB!

With so much of spaces, it is really useful as a file sharing platform between friends and even for group projects. In the past, I'm always using Dropbox for group projects (but always end up lacking of spaces for personal usage). We could see what one another are doing and have done. It made work so much easier to keep track! But please take extra notice when overwriting a file! When you overwrite it, it will not only affect your side but also those who have shared with you.

If you are unfamiliar with cloud storage, it is the most convenient platform ever! Users would no longer required to upload files like the usual way to share files, unless trying to save certain files on non-personal desktop through Copy's website. Otherwise, you can just download Copy's desktop software and a folder will be created. This folder will help you to sync your files to your account and you can continue with other stuffs. If you are sharing the folder, the other party/parties will be able to see your files when they are successfully uploaded into your account.

While on the go, you don't have worry if you need to check any files at that instant moment, files can be accessed through mobile app (iphone, android and windows phone). Your cloud of files follows wherever you go.

and get free 20GB of spaces!

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