Friday, July 19, 2013

Random bits after Korea trip

I've actually been back from Korea for a few weeks and snacking away all my seaweeds. I didn't forget to blog, especially to share about my trip. In fact, I took loads of photos (more than a thousand!!!! aigoooooo~~~) and already "dumped" them into facebook albums for my friends to see. Actually I don't know if any of my friends would even bother to slowly view through all of them. I took a lot of random shots! ٩̋(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑) Anyway, I just got back my labtop from eServ so I'm still in the midst of editing for blogging. So, in the meantime... random iphoneography shall do the job! hahahaha

⋙ Movie stickers from GetGlue. They are free-of-charged and shipped worldwide. Get them if you are interested. They are free anyway! hahahaha!

⋙ Wearing my new cap and shirt from Korea! And the hidden backpack too! hahaha!

⋙ The two early birds queuing at JEM's Sushi Tei.

⋙ Salmon Don

⋙ Cause I am Doraemon, I eat dorayaki!

⋙ Dinner at JEM's Han's with mum and bro.

⋙ Wearing a shirt I rarely wear. Now, just nice for the neon trend! hahahaha!

The shirt was made by a group of guys who called themselves 宅男墅 (zhai nan shu) during 模範棒棒堂 (mo fan bang bang tang) days. I got it free cause when one of the members came to Singapore and sell the tees, it was my birthday! hahahahaha! 我賺到了!  The quality is good too!

⋙ Waiting and waiting and waiting at eServ.

⋙ Special postmark from Killiney Road Post Office!

⋙ SGD$4.50 only! (Sold as a pair!)

⋙ Capricciosa's chocolate lava cake.

⋙ Finally finalized my Korea trip's travelling diary! First completed traveler's notebook! Can't wait to travel more to have more of these completed notebooks!

This is going to be useful when I blog about the trip!

⋙ Annyeonghaseyo ♥

じゃね ~~~
_( ; 3_∟∠)_

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  1. That shirt was pretty awesome!! I like to have one of those ;)