Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mail from Finland

Such a moomin-filled mail this time round from my penpal, Jenny. So much of cuteness! Not only that, she also amazed me with other stuffs. Read on to find out! hahahaha.

⋙ She practically used all the moomin stamps on the envelope.

⋙ Her love letter to me! hahahahaha

⋙ These are what amazed me the most! Soooo many different designs that I even wonder how she managed to find so many!

⋙ Vintage postcards from the 1920s!!! Amazing! Singapore wasn't even an independent country then! Singapore was still part of Straits Settlements.

⋙ So nice of her to make a stamp bag for me! Some of the stamps are really pretty and I don't have them, so I don't know if I'll send out. (*´艸`*)

Yayyy! Really thankful to those who have helped to build up my stamp collection! Though I'm not a serious collector, I enjoy looking at them. Now, the collection is growing, I really need to get a stamp album soon so that I can enjoy looking at them better! (^_-)~☆

⋙ Postcards from Tampere when she visited the city.

⋙ Moomin postcards.

⋙ This must be the cutest priority labels ever! I totally love it! (♡ω♡)

Why Finland has so many nice designs for snail mailing?!!! Singapore really needs to do something! Everything is always so limited! (๑- ₃ -๑)

⋙ And lastly, moomin black tea! One with blueberry muffin and another with lemon! I haven't tried them but muffin flavor really does sound strange to me!

♡Outgoing Mail♡


  1. That Singaporean square stamps are soooo cool!

    1. hahaha it's just once in a blue moon. XD