Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mails of the Week

♡ Incoming joy ♡

⋙ Belated Christmas greeting card from a facebook friend.

⋙ USA stamps.

⋙ Mitchell Corn Palace postcard from USA through swapbot.

⋙ USA stamps again but I think this is my first time seeing these two.

⋙ Lip balm from South Korea through swapbot.

⋙ Lip balms are from Aritaum, a Korean beauty store. My first time trying out this brand. Hope it'll be good !
Left : Moist Dewey Rose (sounds nice to me ! (♡′艸`))
Right : Honey

⋙ Japan's gotochi postcard showing Hyōgo Prefecture from an instagrammer.

⋙ Winnie the pooh stamp ! The 3 little boys stamp is cute too ! ♡

⋙ Christmas has yet ended for me cause I'm still receiving Christmas card ! *Festive mood ON* ☃ hehehe . Anyway , this card is from a Canadian facebook friend.

⋙ Canadian stamp.

⋙ Literally a mail that I paid for cause they are my online orders from JIPABAN. There's actually one more item which is a ring but it arrived in shattered pieces ! (。•́︿•̀。) I've already messaged them. Let's see what is their response.

⋙ Loving the panda stamps ! Do you know Singapore has 2 pandas now in the Zoo? (⌒_⌒)

♡ Outgoing love ♡

⋙ For 'deco-taped envelope with a surprise' swap (swapbot) hence these overly-taped envelopes.

⋙ To my new Mexican penpal, Elizabeth. She's a graphic student too! ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)✧˖° ♡

⋙ Soooo feel like pressing down the two bumps on the stamp while looking at the photo ! (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑) Anyway, the blue stamps show two snakes! (Snake year is coming, according to lunar calendar which the Chinese follows.)

⋙ Postcards for 'Serial PC Swappers - Week #95' swap (swapbot).
Left : Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
Right : Peranakan belt purse from early 20th century

⋙ 'Big fat filled envelope..' swap (swapbot) that kills my wallet ! But honestly, I added quite a number of excess stuffs I received from swaps to save my wallet. *secret revealed* (*´艸`*)

Anyway, I won't be joining such big swaps any sooner ! No time and money ! (。•́︿•̀。) But I'll still continue to look for affordable nice stuffs like I did earlier, so I won't kill my wallet by spending a lot at one go and also for purchase for the sake of purchasing (which means either more expensive or useless). *secret revealed again* HAHAHA !

⋙ I think I spent more on postage than the stuffs inside ! ꒰⁎×﹏×⁎꒱ And my first time seeing a $10 stamp !

Seriously , when can Singapore's stamps change theme ? The current pond theme doesn't look that appealing.

⋙ Birthday gift for my Korean penpal, Hyunju.

⋙ Tea bag for loose tea leaves. As there's winter in Korea, I thought this will be useful for her to keep herself warm and also convenient to make fresh brewed tea.

⋙ Another snake stamp !

Before I end, I wanna share something that's not a mail, but related:

⋙ Found this letter set in Daiso and thought this is a must-buy ! How cool to have air mail envelopes with matching papers ! This is also something different from their usual cutesy design.

⋙ I didn't request for this many ! But the lady was just so nice to provide me what I think that can last me for a year ! ꉂ (๑‾ ꇴ ू‾๑)


  1. Hi Jocelyn,
    Fun to see all your post cards and the stamps. I think we've swapped before. I'm here from s-b, Blog into 2013 (coleenfranks). And I'm following you too. Hope you'll follow on mine, even if we're not partners.
    Happy 2013,
    Coleen, an American in Ukraine

  2. Don't you love all the wonderful stamps from all over the world? I sure do. They are fascinating. Cute blog.

    purple24 from Blogging into 2013 (swapbot)

  3. LOL, I love that sock monkey and that tea.

    ~j3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

  4. Wow, such wonderful panda stamps! I'm jealous and wish I had some for my collection lol. I really enjoyed looking through your blog at all the snail mail and the fun places you go. I love when envelopes are just as exciting as what's inside of them! Keep blogging. - Akhenaten