Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas isn't over

Well, at least not for me ! Due to the slow delivery of mails, I'm still in festive mood ! Sounds like a good thing but not for someone like me who is trying to kick away the holiday mood (due to school).

♡ Incoming Joy ♡

⋙ Christmas postcard from a facebook friend.

⋙ Japanese stamps. And what caught my attention is Benjamin Bunny's stamp! So cute !!! (♡ω♡)

⋙ Letter from my Finnish penpal, Jenny! And she spelled my name with a missing 'y'. (。•́︿•̀。) That was the first thing my mum told me when she passed it to me.

⋙ Love these painting on the stamps!

⋙ With a Christmas gift for me! hehehe. And so sweet of her to illustrate out about her country's facts and history.

⋙ Here's the history part and also sharing some visuals about her hometown.

⋙ So, here's the hidden surprises behind all the Rudolphs! (✧◡✧)

⋙ Charmmy Kitty letter set, which I haven't started using it yet.

⋙ A cute santa pre-inked stamp. Looking forward to this year's Christmas to use it! And now is only January, still long way to go! hahahaha.

⋙ From USA (swapbot).

⋙ From Czech Republic (postcrossing).

⋙ From Switzerland (postcrossing).

⋙ I was really amazed to receive a coin that arrive with a postcard! I didn't know we can do it. Or maybe it's allowed in Switzerland? Cause from what I understand from Singpost, we can't mail $$$$.

⋙ What amazed me more is the word 'Helvetica' appearing on a coin. I only knew Helvetica is a popular and over-used typeface but now I know Confoederatio Helvetica is another name for Switzerland other than the typeface. hahahaha.

This is also why I learn snail mailing! It opens up my world with things I can't see from my perspective. (^_-)~☆

⋙ Vintage postcard from Ireland (swapbot).

⋙ From Netherlands (postcrossing).

⋙ From Latvia (postcrossing).

⋙ A winter stamp!

⋙ From Canada (swapbot).

⋙ 'Deco-taped envelope with a surprise' swap from USA.

⋙ Tile art by Street Artist, Lupin, from Germany (postcrossing).

⋙ German's stamps! I love the cute illustrations!

⋙ From Belarus (postcrossing).

⋙ Christmas stamps again! Wheeee~ ☆・*:・゚d(*^∀^*)ノ ・*:・゚☆

⋙ Vintage postcard from Israel (swapbot).

⋙ Israel's stamp! I think this is the first time I receive from Israel.

⋙ Japanese vintage advertisement poster by Hiroshi Ohchi, from Yuki.

⋙ Cute snow white stamp but I think I love the calligraphy stamp more! (〃▽〃) The kanji on calligraphy stamp means 'snake', referring to the current snake year in Chinese calendar.

But in fact, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, it's still the dragon year till end of Chinese New Year eve. For Japanese follows differently, their new zodiac year starts on 1st January, which is their new year. They don't celebrate Chinese New Year.

♡ Outgoing Love ♡

⋙ Top: Snake adv/free postcard from swap;  Bottom: Universal Studio postcard for Postcrosser

⋙ For Yuki. And because I love the vintage feel of this card, I bought one for myself too!

⋙ Mailing out with two letters for 'Surprise in a envelope..' swap.

⋙ While I was writing my reply letter to my Finnish pal, Jenny, I realized a coincidence about the postcards I am mailing to her and also with the center postcard that I have mailed her earlier.

Singaporeans, can you spot the similarity between these cards?

⋙ For 'Share a bag of your favorite candies' swap.

⋙ Arghhhh ! The lady "piak-ed" the label and covered more than half the batman's face !!!! ૮(ꂧ᷆⺫ꂧ᷇)ა And I wanted stamps but she misheard me. (๑-﹏-๑) The so-far-unmentioned letter is for 'QUICK Air Mail Sticker swap'.

Oh! The batman's envelope-made-of-a-brochure shares similarities with the postcards too!!! Have you guessed it? HAHAHAHAHA

Okay la! The answer is they are all located at Bugis area!!! (≧▽≦)☆

And that's all for now! I actually have some more incoming mails but because currently I don't have the time to snap+edit+upload them, I decided to do it in my next post! If you are curious to see them (not all of them though), you can stalk at my instagram! Bye~!

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