Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Nana's Green Tea Cafe

Just came back from there and since i have nothing to do , i shall blog ! hahahaha .

As after my dental appointment i had to settle my lunch myself , i decided to explore around Jcube FOR THE FIRST TIME and dined in somewhere inside . Walking round and round ... but i didn't feel like having fried food or food i've eaten before till i notice Nana's Green Tea Cafe . Never hear before nor seen it anywhere before , but the range of matcha (fine powder green tea in Japanese) beverages is tempting ! For a matcha fan like me ! (๑´ڡ`๑) And the crepes too ! Yums !

i had no idea it's so popular in Japan till i ordered , paid , sat in and checked-in (4sq) ...

⋙ This made me feel reassured that i made the right choice in dining in this cafe . Honestly , before checking-in , i didn't know it's a Japanese cafe . i thought it's another local cafe just that this time it's by a green tea fanatic since such cafe is common nowadays if you know what i mean .

⋙ Another review on 4sq .

Seems like their green tea ice cream is really nice . i didn't try it just now sooooo MUST TRY the next time round ! hehehe .

⋙ This is what i ordered - eggs and mushroom crepe (SGD11) + Matcha latte (fine powder green tea + milk) (SGD4.20) !

⋙ Surprisingly , there's cheese and cube potatoes too ! Cause 99% of such shops will only give fillings according to your order . And the mushroom is not the typical button mushroom most pancakes and crepes have ! IT'S THE JAPANESE MUSHROOM !

Shiok right ? XD

But ... i didn't like the crepe . it has a burnt taste ! (●´⌓`●)

⋙ Scallop hem ! So cute ! 

Initially i thought it won't be filling since it's just a crepe but it ended up just nice for me ! My next visit i wanna try their other matcha beverages and also the ice cream ! LIKE SO TEMPTING !!! And i would say it's a nice place to slack and chat to kill time with friends . But provided all your friends like green tea . i think they do have non-matcha beverages but limited choices .

And before i forget , the shop system is like Ginza Barin - order , payment , sit-in and wait to be served . No service charge or any additional charges ! (ο^ω^ο)



  1. I'm not a fan of green tea, but that looks absolutely delicious!

  2. interesting japanese eatery

  3. The last photo on ice-skating ring is very well-taken! :)

    1. wooo thanks ! it's actually an iphone random snap ! hehehe XD

  4. Lovely Japanese food and I enjoy green tea very much.

  5. thanks for writing out the ordering system too, i'm planning to go there soon :DDD