Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Nail Art

Finally done with a busy school semester and now having my holidays . After being too busy for too long , i lost my motivation to blog . This tells about my disappearance for so long . (╥﹏╥) Nevertheless , i will still make myself to do some lifestyle updates .

For now , i'll share the nails i have done so far . #cheatwithaquickpost >艸<

♡ Nautical stripe nails for my 21st birthday party
Now you see one big event during my disappearance yet have not blogged about .

♡ Bow and polka dots nails for cousin's wedding

♡ Union Jack nails for casual
This is actually my nails' design now .

Just to mention , i'm not any nail art professional . This is just done out of interest . i know they don't look perfect , so don't come and start criticizing . (´◡` )

jya ~

ps . my next post most probably will be my 21st party ! (●癶∀癶●)

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  1. Ahhh so cute!! Especially the dots and bows, and the Union Jack is just wonderful! Love it :D