Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Back to school

Ohfreak ! Why CNY holidays end so fast ? i hate time for taking a rocket to travel ! `Д ´ヾ

Brown Suspender from Bugis Street

One of my work i mad rushed on Sunday's night ! The task was to silkscreen merchandise with my created logo ! Of course there's more different merchandise but lazy post up all ! &&& i only manage to make A RING ! ONE RING ! Cause many many many many failed in the process for the material i used ! FML !

i wont go on further of what material i used and how i do for now ! Lazyyyyyyy but maybe one day i will do it as a tutorial when i am free !

& maybe i think i should do more and sell too ! ^艸^

okay i know i very zi lian ! じゃね〜