Monday, August 09, 2010

You will always live in our hearts

Life is fragile and you'll never know what will happen the very next moment . This morning isn't a good morning for CSCC peeps upon receiving a news which we wish we never receive .

Awaken by Chuanjun's sms , i woke up but mind was still half asleep . Reading the sms , the names looked so familiar to me yet i couldn't figure out who till i recalled Moonkian's English name is Kelvin . i was stunned that very moment ! i even double confirmed ! i couldn't believe it's them who got into a car accident and Cindy has just left us !


And i think i havent seen her for months ?! She was always a nice and fun girl to be with . And i guess for my batch , the best memories we shared with her is the Taipei Trip . The 6D5N trip sure bring us back a lot of wonderful memories with her , as well as everyone .

Reality is cruel . it doesn't allow us to make any changes nor choices .

Cindy , though you are now away into another world , you will still live in our hearts and forever be remembered . Rest in peace .
And Moonkian , STAY STRONG ! i know this is hard on you more than another one else but you still have to hang on no matter what . We will always be there for you if you need us . Fighting ! And get well soon !

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