Thursday, August 19, 2010

On Mac mode

Yes ! i'm now using my new Macbook Pro ! it's totally like a new toy to me , fresh and interesting till i can't stop exploring . HEHEHE 〜〜 But i still don't have Photoshop installed , so i still cant update about last Saturday's events . File too big la 〜〜 Taking so unusually long to upload ! >×<

i fell sick on Sunday and Monday ! End up my Tuesday off-day is for me to rest . Sadddded !!! ×﹏×

But i'm feeling better now ! ●∩∀∩●

Anyway , here's the first completed exercise i've done in school - book binding !

Not perfect but was a nice experience . AND , this experience leads to a BIGGER book binding . Rahhh 〜 So now , we gonna complete binding a hundred over pages book to use as our Creative Process Journal (CPJ) by next Monday . @﹏@ This current completed book is just a try-out .

Nevertheless , i'm enjoying school so far . Lessons are fun and interesting though i'm still trying to catch the concept of design . And all the best to those who are starting school soon ! Let's jiayou together ! ⌒∀⌒♥

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