Thursday, August 05, 2010

In the new school

School has been fine so far . i'm making friends though everything still seems to be a stranger to me . it totally feels like i'm there all of a sudden in a foreign place .

The first day i stepped into the big classroom filled with coursemates , i didnt feel good . Most of them were like waving and talking to one another just like towards an old friend . They have already met during their foundation year . Luckily , i have Wenjing to accompany me .

On the same day , i was amazed to be able to meet a fellow SP student who graduated this year as well though she was from School of Business . i got to meet my classmates as well . Sadly , Wenjing and I didnt get into the same class . Being an introvert , i was quiet ! So i didnt do much interaction with my classmates . But i was lucky to meet two of my classmates before leaving the school . As we needed to get materials from Art Friend the next day , we went together . it was nice to shop for materials with new classmates though the trip was rather crazy .

Next day was a makeup lesson for next Monday as it is a public holiday . We did book binding but it isnt completed . i sat with my classmates , which also means more interaction . And they are helpful too when i needed help . it feels so great to have nice classmates around .

Official lessons start next Wednesday . And this school seems to be not as flexible as SP . Sounds strict with the rules ! Oh well , hope everything turns out smooth sailing !

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