Saturday, July 31, 2010

The super good deal

i'm a happy gal today though it's supposed to be my mum cause it's her birthday . WHY ?! Cause i finally got a flat iron which works 9999999999999999999 times better than my lousy VS's flat iron . Best of all , IT'S FREE !!!

SEE ?!!! FREE !!! Free when you buy the hair dye . Even if you didnt purchase the hair dye with the mini flat iron , it's still the same price ($18.95) . Such a holy good deal ! And i dont think a mini flat iron sells less than 20bucks in the market .

Anyway , the flat iron is not in the box cause i was so excited that i tried it out once i reached home . *HEHEHE*

★ Here's the freebie :

Though i hate pink , but who bothers when it comes to free stuff plus good deal ?! As long as it works well for me , i'm satisfied already . (^ ∀ ^)У♥

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